Future of All Saints Church, Hulcott

Open letter from the Church Council of All Saints Church, Hulcott

February 2018

For some time the Church Council of All Saints Church Hulcott have been aware of the fact that it is becoming difficult to maintain the Church as is necessary, this is partly due to a growing financial short fall and also that our loyal but small congregation is ageing and the necessary roles and responsibilities cannot be covered.

We have after much thought and prayer regretfully reached the decision that the Church Council needs to further investigate options including the possibility of the closure of the church. A consecrated church can only be closed for regular public worship by a pastoral church buildings scheme made by the Church Commissioners of the Church of England.

Before taking this major step it is a requirement that we consult with members of the parish community, other churches and further local interested parties, the aim being to offer the church for alternative usage.  Should there be no expressions of interest or comment by the end of April 2018 we will proceed to the next step which is to present the facts to The Deanery of Aylesbury Pastoral Committee in May.

Should you wish to make any comments please contact Pam Masini as the first point of contact. Thank you.


01296 422873

Download a copy of this letter here.