Uyoba Community Library project

Updated: June 2018

In August 2017, I had the privilege of visiting Uyoba Community Library in South Luangwa, Zambia.

It was set up by a retired teacher called Jenny with help from two charities. She started a reading scheme, and trained young teachers to teach young readers and is in the process of starting up a Nursery School.

It is her pride and joy to see youngsters who have never handled a book before lying on the library floor enjoying stories of the world they have yet to see.

I went on a Saturday and teachers and children from the village had just dropped in for the joy of being there, others, getting water from the village pump in the playground stopped by whilst a young volunteer from this country was decorating the new extension. (Priscilla Shaw)

Our parcels have arrived!

This is the update we have received from Jenny in response to the container of items sent out to her and the community.

Hi Priscilla and the whole congregation

The container has arrived and all your boxes of wonderful goodies are intact.

I have not yet had time to go through each one, but am excitedly working through them, what a wonderful selection. I have a picture of the unopened boxes and our dear little Daliso who is part of the group of 45 disabled children in the area. I will share the big toys and some of the other suitable goods with Bauleni who works with the group providing training for home based care. The remainder will go to the preschools I support. It is all such lovely stuff, and in such good condition (when not new)

A million thanks again for your kindness, and all the effort that went into sending us these donations. I am going to try to send the first picture from my phone, but it may take a while. Once I have unpacked all of the boxes I will send more photos of the kids and the toys and books in use.

Thanks again


Update from Uyoba July 2018