Vision and values

Our Purpose Statement is:


      'Enriching Lives Through Sharing Christ'

Our two churches share a vision:

The Churches of St James the Great Bierton and All Saints Hulcott have stood in Bierton and Hulcott for hundreds of years, and the faith has been shared in the parish of Bierton and Hulcott even longer. It is now our turn to make sure that the mission of the Church continues to grow and prosper through all that we do and say in making Christ known.

We also have complimentary mission statements:

St James the Great Church Bierton:

We, the church members of St James the Great Bierton, exist to develop the life of the whole church as we celebrate the events of the Gospel through worship, fellowship, mission and stewardship; for everyone, in order to extend the experience of the Kingdom of God on earth, for present and future generations.

All Saints Church Hulcott:

We the congregation of All Saints Church, Hulcott exist to proclaim the Kingdom of God in a warm, caring and Christian environment through our words, work and worship, responding to the needs of the whole community, to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.